VITAFUL is an electronic cigarette-style flavor stick that is harmless to the body but also has a feeling of being absorbed by steam.

Fashionable design favored by young people completely cut harmful substances. The ingredients are made up of things good for the body with an emphasis on vitamins.

Steam is totally different from smoke, so VITAFUl is especially recommended for

・As non-smoking goods

・Even for non-smokers

・Also from a young woman

It is a product attracting attention from a wide range of users. The disposable type was first released and became famous, and at the end of 2017 rechargeable type was also released.

Important Point:

If you are NOT arrowed to smoke due to your age in your country, please do not purchase this product. Even though VITSFUL does not contain nicotine, tar, and other harmful substances, the product is treated the same as a cigarette.



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