A medicine that cures the source of pimples/acne on your skin. Active ingredients penetrate into the skin to cure acne from the roots up.
Pair Acne Cream W” is a medicine that cures the source of pimples/acne. Active ingredients penetrate into the skin without opening the affected part. Ibuprofenpiconol (IPPN) suppresses the formation of comedo (white acne) caused by acne bacteria and controls inflammation (red acne) to treat the source of pimples/acne. Isopropylmethylphenol (IPMP) sterilizes acne bacteria that worsen symptoms, and suppresses the progress of pimple/acne.

◆ This cream is transparent and makes your face moist. As you can put makeup on your face after cream, it can also be used before you go out.◆ Spreads smoothly on the affected part but is not sticky.◆ Weak acidity◆ Faint and comfortable plant-type scent

New Lion Pair acne cream W 24g

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