Plump sheet is soft on skin exactly! and community. The essence of deep layer mask to penetrate the skin. Also, such as bouncing from inside the firm, shiny Super I click type. Precautions Please note:-there were abnormalities in skin care, please use do not use if you have scars or rashes rashes also reddish discontinue use if irritation or itching stimulus color through the darkening, etc. (Vitiligo) or any other, please consult medical Dermatology, may worsen symptoms and continue to use-when you entered, and be careful not to rinse immediately-from the redness of your skin immediately after a sunburn use-prolonged use and Do not sleep while wearing a mask-health once your mask is repeated use-sunlight and keep in a cool place-because this product is water and sewage do not shed-keep out of children's reach • rinse use immediately

Made in Japan

MANDOM | Barrier Repair Facial Mask Enrich 5pcs Orange

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