It has a new super waterproof type of polymer component, which is effective against tears, water, sweat, sebum, etc., and the makeup will not smudge for a long time. The 0.1mm extremely fine nib design makes it easy to draw, whether it's a hidden inner eyeliner or an upper and lower eyeliner.

The Qi Shimei products are packaged in a comic style, and the heroine "Flower Beauty" is a perfect product with a golden rose and gold lettering to express the luxurious and rich style. The extremely fine nib design allows you to freely outline the three-dimensional inner eyeliner. The color is dark and dark, the color is bright and black, and the double-twisting is released instantly, regardless of the inner eyeliner, the eye-tail or the eye-opening effect. Can help you make a big sigh.

KISS ME Heroine Make Smooth Liquid Eyeliner 01 Black

SKU: 4901433036504
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