The free Plus, because of the fluctuation-prone skin, skin care brand that was born from sensitive skin research. We carefully selected a few high-quality material of the burden on the skin. | [A sheet-like essence mask] familiar skin is soaked in moist moisture to the skin around the eyes good lotion-like essence is a concern, moistened with eyes double design mask leading to the shiny skin a sense of transparency. Gently is per skin, the liquid contains a good 100% cotton. (25mL × 5 sheets) | [how to use] Please use after trimmed the skin with lotion. From the bag retrieval of the mask, you spread your face side of the unevenness of the surface without the eyes part. Eyes, crucifixion from the combined position of the mouth, it is the last in the adhesion to the entire lightly holding face a mask in the palm of your hand. Please adjust overlapping the cut portion when the seat is left over. Take the mask from leave it for about 10 minutes.

Made in Japan



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