Following the hugely popular Moist Cream Mask Pro. comes Pro. HOME, a new range of home skincare products!
Pro. HOME is skincare line that protects women’s skin from the harsh environmental damage it suffers every day. PH Moist Charge Essence delivers much-needed hydration, nurturing clear, radiant skin.
We’ve focused on texture to bring you a new type of essence that liquefies when it touches the skin. Formulated with hydrating botanical ingredients, this product helps nurture radiant, healthy-looking skin.
Formulated with placenta extract and sodium hyaluronate, this product not only moisturizes but also supports the skin’s condition overall.
Enjoy the subtle fragrance of orange, lavender, and rosemary essential oils. Refreshing in the morning and soothing at night.
Texture: Spreads easily and is quickly absorbed into the skin.
Air pollution, UV rays, Blue light, drying etc

BB Laboratories PH Moist Charge Essence 150ml

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