Bakuyuto Hot Ginger Fragrance 60g Bison Bath Salt Carbonic Acid Moisturizing Sweating Beauty
● Germanium Pleasure Bath (Bathing Agent) Series, with sounding carbon dioxide gas cracking from sound sugar
● Germanium, hot spring minerals with common blends Hikimeshi HOT ingredients (capsicum extract, ginger extract, rock salt), plus lipolytic enzymes, etc.
● Sweat with the wrapping effect of thickened hot water!
● Slightly sweet hot ginger scent
● Clear gold water color (transparent gold color) How to use Make the temperature of the hot water (180L) in the bathtub even, then stir it well and take a bath. * Please note that the "scent of hot ginger" makes it easier to slip. * Please read the "Usage" and "Precautions" on the back of this product carefully before use. * Bathing effects may vary depending on the individual constitution. * Please avoid people who are prone to high blood pressure, heart disease, lightheadedness, and fatigue. * If you feel sick, take a bath immediately and take a good rest.

BISON Bakkanto Bath Salt Hot Ginger 60G

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